For refusing testing after target training of young professionals will pay a fine

Citizens are accepted for training in the framework of the quota of admission, and customers targeted training in case of violation of their obligations under the work and employment would bear an additional responsibility in the form of payments to organizations engaged in educational activities. The amount of the fine is a fixed amount of expenses of the corresponding budget for training.

These rules provides the Federal law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in terms of improving targeted learning”. The document was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 3. The new version of the document instead of receiving the target set quota of citizens who have signed with agencies or organizations that are defined in the Federal law, the contract on target training in undergraduate programmes and specialist degrees.

The law defines the parties to the contract on target training, as well as its individual material conditions, which include the obligations of the customer targeted learning and citizen who has concluded the contract on target training, associated respectively with employment and employment for at least three years, the responsibility of the customer targeted learning and citizen who has concluded the contract on target training, in the case of non-compliance with essential conditions of the contract.

“Currently there is a practice of obtaining a target direction for education from specific health organizations with a commitment to practice 3-5-7 years in this organization after graduation. However, after graduation, under various pretexts, graduates tend not to return to the place of direction, especially in small cities and in the countryside. I think that the imposition of penalties will reduce this practice, as health workers fall under action of this law,” said the chief of staff of the National medical chamber , Vladimir Semenov.

Federal law does not apply to legal relations arising from contracts on the trust receipt and target training concluded before the date of entry into force, i.e. until 1 January 2019 As has been said by industry experts in the absence of distribution is the target device needs to resolve the issue of staff shortages, but this requires the strengthening of control over observance of conditions of contracts.

According to the experts who participated in drafting the bill, about 50% of cases even the period of further employment of a graduate medical specialties in the contract on target training was not mentioned. However, at a working meeting with Vladimir Putin in August last year, the Russian health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said that currently the effectiveness of targeted training in the industry is 90%. The share of the target enrolment in medical schools account for more than 50% of the seats.