Otorhinolaryngology was the subject of a new release of updates of foreign clinical guidelines

Medical knowledgebase Encyclopedia portal Medvestnik.ru a new release of the traditional series of related updates of foreign clinical guidelines. This time the theme was the otorhinolaryngology.

The review includes updated recommendations for the treatment of adult patients suffering from hearing loss. In particular, specify the conditions under which it is necessary to refer the patient to an otolaryngologist for further examination, MRI. Also presents recommendations for wearing hearing aid and other assistive listening devices.

In addition, the review included recommendations for antimicrobial therapy of acute otitis media in children and adolescents. Along with guidelines for antimicrobial use given a situation requiring additional medical attention or hospitalization.

The authors of the current guides are experts from the National Institute of health and medical care quality (NICE). Details about the key provisions of the updated foreign clinical guidelines for otorhinolaryngology in 2018, see “the school of the Clinician.”

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