Adult games: how to boost your sexuality

Often we think that we no longer be a surprise. But this is a dangerous challenge to the Universe! And the most interesting, no matter what year it is on your calendar past, present and future all intertwined. Whether or not you believe Mr. Einstein and his theory of relativity? However, well pretty puzzles…


When we want to wear beautiful silk dresses, we go to the gym. We want to look perfect. Logically, we prepare ourselves to something to wear. So the bride goes on a diet before the wedding, and the singer – on the eve of the shooting of the video. Now let’s compare the importance of simply putting on a dress and our sex life? To last you need even more prepared. But somehow, all the preparations consists of three parts – hair removal, selection of beautiful underwear and a pair of tips from Google. Once it is at the level of the students. Anyhow and went to take. Sex isn’t as forgiving!

Training for the development of sexuality

In fact, Proactive girl is always ahead of the rest. Today the best and the beautiful are going to train the muscles of the pelvic floor. This is not a fad. It’s intuitive striving for the best. Now around a lot of talk about sex, but it is, in fact, in our lives less and less. Especially if we talk about the quality of the filigree mastering the art of love. This is due to the fact that we have deadened their sensibility, abandoned it and did not develop. We’re in a hurry, we have no time. When was the last time before taking a SIP of wine, you have long and delightful breathed in his scent? Or before you taste of strawberries, you closed your eyes and listened to her intoxicating smell? All of these exercises is not enough time. And the level of sexual life like fast food, but not for a bedroom Goddess! The joys of love apart from sensuality, require possession of the body and, in fact, those most intimate muscles. And the woman, and man, it is important to train them life!

Why do we need to train the muscles of the pelvic floor

Call of intimate muscles a workout trend of the language is not rotated. This is not a newfangled phenomenon. Otherwise, then let’s call the pyramids in Egypt buildings. For millennia, people have trained the pelvic floor muscles. So much is written about ancient tomes, manuscripts, what about any hypotheses of the question can not be. Girls were taught to be great wives, lovers, focusing not only on the ability to dance or to be desired, but the training of the pelvic floor muscles. From the Egyptian Queen to the geisha, a concubine of the Sultan to bride from Asia Minor – all of them could outshine any modern Naiad pole with toys from sex-shop. And my method connects the past and the present, bringing the share of modern technologies. In the future, all women and men will attend the training, as they do with fitness centers. Judge for yourself – customers of my company can just, not moving, lying on the bed to experience orgasm together with your spouse. Just think! No lubricants, toys, perverted sex, not even moving… That’s the significance and influence of the pelvic floor muscles, if the muscles are strengthened and you have mastered the technique of ownership.

How is it done?

Often I compare it with French lessons or a ballet class. Pelvic floor muscles – our intimate sovereigns – are hidden from us. You can see the play of muscles on his hands? Yes! And these muscles we can’t see. Moreover, a person is not to disturb…. They do not obey our will, like the others. They need to learn to feel and then move on to phase control. This is a delicate process. And not to go blindly, not to confuse the abdominal muscles with the intimate muscles, to our senses played a dirty trick on us, we need the apparatus Pelvic Fit! Sensors read exactly the movement of the pelvic floor muscles, and all their work is displayed. Just similar… Working on the articulation of his Parisian dialect, you look in the mirror. Practicing PA, you too look in the mirror. On the unit role of a mirror designated screen what you are doing right or wrong, will be there. Trust my experience in this area, and it is nearly 20 years, I have met hundreds of women who were engaged in the years by training muscles with the help of different gadgets… And over the years their muscles, as was shown by video-diagnosis, was untouched. Needless to say about the extent of their frustration?

Training of intimate muscles were almost all the most developed civilizations – from India to Egypt. For some it was their health, for someone happy parenting, and, of course, this was the key to sexual energy, to the great art of love. And this is the legacy of our sensual and beautiful ancestors!