Training of doctors at the place of work approves Rostov homeuniversity

The system of continuous medical education (CME), which should be finally implemented in 2021, as we know, requires doctors to undergo annual training in the amount of 50 hours; 36 of them must be “heard” by the audience, the other 14 conferences, symposia, online courses.

“The first requirement is very difficult to run hospitals, especially in rural areas, – said the rector of the Rostov homeuniversity Sergey Shlyk. – It is impossible to imagine that each doctor three times a year went to the conference with accredited programs in Rostov-on-don or another city. In the best case, the main therapist is going. The same applies to urban clinics. If everything is constantly will study, as required by law, simply no one will work. We will try to help and are willing to spend 50-hour cycle. We have tested this scheme in Taganrog. The first pancake came out lumpy. Negotiations are underway with several hospitals”.

According to the rector, the University developed several cycles, designed for doctors of related specialties. Taking into account the wishes of students and chief physicians of medical institutions classes are held in the afternoon.