Scientists: while influenza And obesity increases the period of warusawithana

A group of scientists from the Medical College of the University of Michigan found that obese adult patients with influenza a is associated with an increase in the duration of the period of warusawithana, writes Science Daily.

In the study, the data were analyzed case histories of the 1.8 million inhabitants of Nicaragua. The period of participant observation lasted for three flu seasons from 2015 to 2017.

Managed to establish that in adults with obesity and flu symptoms And the period of warusawithana 42% longer than patients with influenza of the same type, whose obesity was not.

Interestingly, among patients with obesity who have flu-like symptoms were weakly expressed, the rate of increase was even higher: 104%.

The results also showed that differences in duration of warusawithana was restricted to influenza A. these relationships against the virus flu was found. Obesity also did not affect the duration of the spread of the virus among children included in the study.

Detailed results of the study were presented in the journal of Infectious Diseases.

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