Why we all need bodypositive: says Ekaterina Popova

Discussions about bodypositive tense — what it is called. It appears part of the ideology of feminism that allows women to get rid of the eternal race for perfect (and how all the perfect, non-existent) good looks, it announced the promotion of laziness and obesity, legalization of lying on the couch, surrounded by chips and Cola.

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Зачем нам всем нужен бодипозитив: рассказывает Екатерина Попова

Bodypositive many manifestations — from models plus size and participation in fashion shows people in wheelchairs and ending with the refusal of some women from beauty practices. Even to give a clear and comprehensive definition of bodypositive reflecting its essence, and explaining where the legs grow each of its “symptoms”, it is difficult. All the time the questions arise: if bodypositive reserves the right to change nothing, whether bodypositive, for example, the decision not to treat the disease? Bodypositive whether the decision to lose weight, if it is motivated by the desire to feel better, not to fit into the gold standard 90-60-90? Whether bodypositive blog girls with psoriasis, which shows how to hide it under makeup, or, on the contrary, it is completely contrary to the ideology of love and respect for your body?

Unambiguous answers to any of these questions are much less common than fierce debate. That and complexity, and at the same time the advantage of bodypositive: in the framework of the ideology you can find support, whatever your point of view. However, the discussion around what is bodypositive and what is not, inevitably lead to questions: why do we need bodypositive and is it necessary at all? Let’s try to understand.

Bodypositive allows to expand understanding of the beauty of the human body

I saw repeated statements that a woman can’t be beautiful. Talking about it can cautiously (“Excess weight is a manifestation of ill health, so we subconsciously identify it as something repulsive”) or did not mince words (“don’t try fat heifers, even if the entire Internet is at your photographs, you will still be considered terrible”), but in all of these conversations by default, beauty is considered to be a phenomenon unshakable and immovable.

I can’t imagine how uneducated and incurious man should be, not to know that the idea of beauty the human body is changing constantly. They can be different depending on geography — for example, in Mauritius there are “farms” where girls specially fattened, and a sleek contemporary standard is perceived as a deformity. Or, say, in his book about the life of peasants Olga Semenova-Tyan-Shansky, who was born in 1863, wrote that “we like strict or clean lines and shapes, and every man will prefer a plump, melt fat girl or a woman”. One time, one place and two different ideas of beauty from different classes: the nobility tends to academic art, the peasants believe to be beautiful manifestations of fertility.

With the emergence of the media concept of beauty has become incredibly plastic. Almost immediately after the arrival of television in Fiji completely healthy girl has become neurotic: those who yesterday considered themselves beautiful, today have become Jeroham, and eating disorders have become widespread. Beauty and fashion need to sell your product, and beauty turned into a privilege that is won in battle: a woman should have a little, a lot of training and careful to hide the signs of age and motherhood. Bodypositive gives the right to be beautiful just by being yourself.

If not beauty, then at least mesocenozoic

To return to the beauty of every woman — this is a very ambitious goal that may be unattainable, but trying to get the most we can hope at least for low — mesocenozoic. Completeness — it’s just different body size. Stretch marks are nothing more than a pattern of lines on the hips. The chest does not protrude elastically in the hand in any position, is still the chest, not by someone’s ears. Large pores is not more than other skin texture. No one levels criticism at the square only because it is not a circle, — bodypositive need to different body ceased to distribute good and bad depending on their shape.

Neutrality in the assessment of one’s own body can be an end in itself, may be the first step towards love for him: if throughout life you were taught that a beautiful body looks a certain way (of course, not like yours), and everything else ugly, it is impossible to rebuild immediately (and sometimes is impossible in principle). But even the ability to go beyond the paradigm in which man is obliged to be beautiful to be successful and loved, very much facilitates life.

To save resources

If one day all women on earth will Wake up, believing themselves to be beautiful, the economy will collapse (for example, in Russia alone, the annual turnover of sales in the cosmetics industry approaches 100 billion rubles). Beauty salons, fitness centers, plastic surgeons, nutritionists, trainers and manufacturers of low-fat products will lose 9 out of 10 of their customers. However, what is bad for trade, good for each woman. Of course, we are taught that a Real Woman can manage everything and to manicure to go, and yoga, and the post to poprisedat, and lessons with the child to do and dinner to cook — but this is all one big lie. Time is a nonrenewable resource that can be spent only once.

Already in childhood I was indoctrinated with the idea that I was fat. My first attempts to lose weight began at the age of fourteen and lasted continuously for the next twenty — and sometimes I think that if the same amount of effort, time and money I have invested in your education, then it is possible that I would not be writing a column in Cosmo, and would be one of the owners. No, of course the situation “and I smoke, and my skyscraper” has not been canceled. There are people that have enormous resources which cope with everything and manage everything — but let’s face it, there are some. Much closer to life demotivator about “there are no impossible tasks — is a heart attack at thirty”.

To break a bunch of “beauty = health”

And since we’re talking about heart attacks, not to mention one of the most important tasks of bodypositive — the need to stop measuring health by appearance. First of all it concerns full of people — now there is a real problem “neodialectic” when instead look for the causes of the disease, its blamed on excess weight. For example, a year ago at the hearing was a precedent, when the doctors looked at the young woman cancer causes back pain considered the completeness of the patient.

Beauty is not identical with health. One day I was in the company of women who were on the fitness competition in the category of “bikini”. They had the most perfect body, the present (perfect bikinithe is the woman who looks natural — nothing “hanging” or “dry”), but, judging by conversations, I was the healthiest among them — despite his glaring weight. Perfectly normal was the absence of menstruation for six months, and then ongoing menstruation during the month. All used hormones, most suffered or were going through plastic surgery.

Health is not determined by a person’s appearance, and the lab tests. You can be thin and sick, fat and healthy. And bodypositive is intended to remind those who say that the alien looks they don’t care, but the health of others they care so much, just can’t sleep.

That women are able to do what you want

Wherever I came (to open a lesson in theatre, dancing, the gym, a seminar on knife fight), I always be the full (very often — and oldest) visitor. Almost all classes associated with physical activity, are considered a privilege of the young and slender.

From the people, whose appearance has flaws, I want one thing: not to see them. Somehow entertainment portal has published an article about a girl with psoriasis, which showed in Instagram, as it hides the symptoms of the disease under makeup. Under the article were hundreds katersky comments: in the mildest of called her an idiot, which exacerbates the disease cosmetics, and over time is advised to kill himself to “not to produce sick children.”

Bodypositive resists this pressure by showing people that regardless of weight or age do a lot of different things: doing handstands, doing pole dance, running marathons. Bodypositive declares that restrictions on activities do not depend on appearance, physical abilities, someone weighing 60 kg injure the knees, crouching down, someone weighing 120 kg is performing on the Championships of Irish dancing.

Bodypositive insists that the right to have Instagram comes with purchase of the phone, and record the lessons in makeup, you can exactly at the moment when you have enough money on cosmetics and fine motor skills to poke the eyeliner in his eyes, instead apply it on the eyelid. And Yes, beach body is just a body, clothed in a swimsuit, and not the result of a six-month diet and exercise.

Or don’t do

Within bodypositive discussion field a lot is said about that appearance is not an obstacle: what’s the difference how many kilograms damp your shoes if you run them in the Boston marathon. Unfortunately, this very often turns into “should”: you are able to physical activity, regardless of appearance, so go out and practice is good for the body and, therefore, bodypositive. In fact it is not.

I know a lot of people in my life only once I went to the gym in order to terrified to run out of there and never return. They are healthy, happy and feel great. Wolf do not feed long legs, and the head: everyday life changed dramatically, and physical strength and endurance has ceased to be the key to survival. To be healthy, not necessarily fitness or Amateur sport — enough walks in the fresh air. Besides lethargy “lap of life” is deceptive — for example, my friend a mother a few days helping to take my bike in for repair, some time in thought, held it flat on her arm, wondering how best to put the bike in the trunk. I, of course, after years of the gym can repeat this trick, but thought in this case the look will be much less.

This does not mean that you have the right not to reap from the chest three times a week, only if you can swing mountain bike, as a fan, is just a story about what lack of training does not always mean bad physical shape. Bodypositive does not call for any regular physical exercise, nor to their categorical denial, but merely argues that not only your body, but a way of life — your and only your business and nobody has the right to shame you for it or impose any other as right and best.

Does bodypositive with all the tasks? Let’s be honest: he’s trying. Rather, we try. But we don’t even have a hundred billion — there are only people who find the time to talk about it, translate texts, create thematic communities, to support each other and contradict those who believe it is wrong. We have more and more and become Instagram stars “just bbw” on the podium out Tess Holliday, Chantelle Brung Yang and Maffi, and in Hollywood films are Melissa McCarthy and Gaura Sidibe.

Someday we will have a majority — despite all the trillions that have been in the beauty industry. And then stop talking about what you can live with any body, and without waiting for discussion and ridicule, very thin or very full, with stretch marks and cellulite, hair on legs and armpits, wrinkles or scars, prostheses or a wheelchair.

Because it’ll be obvious to everyone.