Confession “skeleton”: why being skinny is not so great?

There are plenty, not to kill myself in the gym and remain “slim” is a dream of many girls. Surely you have a friend, who just happened to be skinny by nature. But do not rush to envy her! My name is Anya and I’m from the tribe of “skeletons”. And believe me: we, lean, have same thing, like “big” girls.

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Исповедь «скелета»: почему быть худой не так уж круто?

“You don’t feed her!”

It all starts in childhood. As far as I remember all my mother’s friends when meeting clinked languages: “You, probably, do not feed!” And in a hurry to fix it also, I was always served a portion that overpower is that the loader, after two shifts without lunch.

In kindergarten also wanted to make “lean cod” Russian matryoshka. “Not yet ate from the table at will”, — I heard one day, when the whole group had moved from the dining room. Fortunately, to choke the fish cutlet was not long: in the next table sat another Martyr, and her food is quickly returned to the plate is not at its best. So this experiment of me not continue become let parents put up with this goner.


I, if anything, about the clothes and boots. There is nothing more to hang out: the breast thin, usually almost none — so the two blemishes.

Coming to the clothing store, I’m not looking to take the smallest sizes. But even XXS XXS’from strife. Sometimes, promykavshis all day, I don’t find anything suitable and I hear the following: “Yes, you should be in “Children’s world”!”

Shoes even more interesting: I am a happy owner “leginy” 39-th size and very (very!) narrow calf. So 99% of the boots look on me like-liter cans, which lowered the pencil. Over 10 years in Moscow I found only one brand of shoes: some Armenian factory regretted after us, thin! Pray that it is not covered, and every season the guard Privoz — a scarce commodity, and “skeletons” in the capital a lot.

Eternal teenager

Do not argue, thinness younger. But sometimes, too: I’m 27, and without a passport I can’t buy the wine for dinner, even coming into the store with a pram (“Maybe it’s your nephew!”).

With out a doubt look at lean and in children’s clinics. “Where’s your mom?” asked by the doctor when I first brought her son, she thought it was brother. Do not stop and so-called “monocromatica”: “of Course, he yells, — flew on the early childhood, to calm down.”

Men’s attitudes

That for slender and eternally young they go in droves, is a fallacy. First, the “Board, two nipple” — a figure, to put it mildly, on the fan. The majority want to have something to hold.

And secondly, not everyone likes to guess how old you really are! For example, a friend of mine once confessed: “I’ve been afraid to come to you, because I doubt: you 25, or 16”. He, as you know, in the end, it was. And probably 10 other passed — away from sin.

The envy of her friends

It really is, though not so much. When I went to University and settled in the Dorm, my roommate was horrified: “eat so much in a year doesn’t pass!” Because “maloezhka” I was only a child, and after that “hammer” everything and in large quantities.

But it’s been a year, two, five, and doorway never had to expand. But the circle of friends has narrowed significantly — compared to me girlfriend even with an average figure of often look pampushkami. And sitting on a diet, was furious when a “black hole” (I think instead of a stomach I have it) absorbed in a cafe first, second, and fat dessert.

On the beach and in the water Park

That’s where I feel like a real work of art, turning into a live installation “Squid out of water”! If the clothes still hid my protruding ribs, the swimsuit opens them all honest people.

But my main pain — water activities. In the literal sense! After the water Park I was presented with an inflatable “donut” for adults, I broke my tailbone in the hole of the “doughnut” my little priest just failed at every turn fun hit the slide.

Other stuff

When you’re too skinny, you never know where you are waiting for the next embarrassment. For example, the escalator and Elevator at the business center, where I worked, sometimes refused to carry me alone. Apparently, calculated on the weight of 50+ and think that this bag of bones they just imagined! Just me and another skinny colleague knew why in the Elevator then put 2 bottle of water — thanks to the management, came into the situation.

And such situations in my short life was not count! I felt like a normal person, only gaining weight during pregnancy, though, and was like Smeshariki — round and thin legs…


In General, compared to the emaciated Angelina Jolie weight I have a not so low — 44 kg with height 168 cm, But even he is only good for the runway, but in real life this slim — “curiosities”, like the dumpling.

Why, then, seek? Probably the middle ground. Is when you not only love themselves and others, but catch a buzz when you are not blown in the wind. So, if we start a diet, don’t overdo it, okay?

Text: Anna Kondrashova