The relation between the nature of cancer diagnosis and treatment

The specialists of the Agency public health England (PHE) found that the way the diagnosis of cancer may affect treatment of patients.

The experts the data show a relationship between routine (screening, visits to General practitioner) or the urgency and diagnosis the patient received treatment, writes Pharma Times. Thus it was possible to detect that patients in whom cancer was detected by screening, had more treatment options and often had been in therapy, in particular surgery to remove the tumor.

The new data “confirm the benefits of screening as a method of early diagnosis of cancer leads to better outcomes and, ultimately, saves lives”, –said the expert.

According to them, 44% of patients with breast cancer, colon and rectum, the diagnosis of which was delivered urgent, could potentially miss the necessary treatment, which could have been avoided with the passage of the screening examination.

“The data allow us to clearly see how the way in which the patient is diagnosed with cancer affects the treatment that they receive, – said the representative of PHE Dr. Jam Rashbass (Jem Rashbass ). – It confirms the importance of early diagnosis, whether the screening or referrals of the General practitioner – the sooner the diagnosis, the better.”

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