Prostamol UNO is for men: instructions for use

Inflammatory processes in the prostate gland can be examined in both young boys and adult men. To strengthen local immunity and elimination of inflammatory processes doctors recommend the use of herbal medicinal products. In complex therapy, they can considerably improve the patient’s condition. One of the most commonly used drugs of this category — Prostamol UNO. Is it effective?

Prostamol UNO: drug

It is based on herbal components, the tool produced in the form of capsules. The main component is the extract of the fruit of Sabal palms. 1 capsule contains 320 mg of extract. There are also additional components which do not have therapeutic effect: titanium dioxide, ferric oxide, gelatin, water, glycerol and dyes.

The extract of the fruit of the palm tree Sabal the drug inhibits the synthesis of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone, which affects the metabolic processes in the prostate gland. Therefore, Prostamol UNO reduces inflammation in the tissues, eliminates muscle spasms of the urinary character.

Prostamol UNO instructions for use

In some cases, prescribe a drug? Indications for use of Prostamol UNO hyperplasia BPH 1,2 stage and inflammation and painful urination for prostatitis.

How to take the drug? Instructions for use of Prostamol UNO is simple: take 1 capsule per day after meal. This should be done at the same time of day, e.g. morning, afternoon, or evening. Wash down the capsule with plenty of water. If we talk about the duration of the course, the facility has a cumulative effect, so it must be taken for several months.

Studies show that Prostamol UNO does not resolve the hyperplasia, it only mitigates the symptoms. That is why it is often prescribed in combination with other drugs.

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Prostamol UNO: contraindications

As the tool is crop composition, contraindications him quite a bit. It cannot be taken only in case the patient has Allergy to any component. In some cases (if you are hypersensitive, excessive dosage) may experience side effects such as nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, flatulence, deterioration of General health.

Prostamol UNO analogues

You can find products with similar composition and effect. You can purchase saw Palmetto extract of Sabal in pure form, as it is composed of Prostagut, Prostaplant, Permixon, Prostacare, Serpens, Prestala.

Prostamol UNO price

For 1 package with 30-TEW capsules you will have to pay 700-800 rubles, for 1 package with 60-TEW capsules 1200-1400 rubles.

Prostamol UNO reviews

Opinions about this controversial drug. The majority of patients speak negatively about it, as the tool had not had tangible effect. Many are unhappy with the high price and low efficiency. But there are those for whom the drug has helped, but not much. In any case, the result depends on the prescribed treatment, diagnosis, individual characteristics of the organism.

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