“I want a woman!” or 5 of your fears in front of a male gynecologist

You’re certainly not shy neither male therapists or male dentists. However, you should see a male name on the door of a gynecologist as… a miracle! Then “recover.” For it was here in the misconception that female doctor is a “she”, and then “surprise”: she — male! Blame your baseless fears. Yes, the key word is “groundless”! Let’s deal with them.

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«Хочу женщину!», или 5 твоих страхов перед мужчиной-гинекологом

“He’ll give me my desire!”

So inherent in our culture: girls beautiful Princess, and the boys brave knights. Which Princess is that? Save, protect, and certainly want. As a result, many grow Princess is so confident in their perfection that tremble: “Here you come I’m in the den with this doctor, will bare their charms, and he in front of such a magnificent his sword and naked!” And not even having time to think about this idea, they already carry, knocking her heels, “coach me, coach!” – overwrite for tomorrow, to the gynecologist-woman.

In General, let it run. You might want to consider: first, there are medical ethics. And if the doctor manages to joke immodest or — God forbid! — something that offend your purity, hint,… Your complaint at least give him a reprimand from the chief. Is it necessary?

Secondly, just imagine: in his chair for 5 days a week sit down for 20 patients. All want is impossible even for the alpha male! It’s amazing how men like their own wives are not seen as objects for examination…

“He will laugh!”

For many ladies to get to the man-gynecologist without a pedicure and perfectly smooth legs is to lie on the beach with unshaven armpits. The perfectionist convinced: first, that will make the man-the doctor, finding somewhere day the bristle will close my eyes with my hands and screaming “What a hairy Yeti!” kicked out of office. Or, God forbid, laugh and send to the vet across the street.

But… have You ever seen someone go from the study of a man-gynecologist in tears and under the Homeric laughter? That’s it! The doctor, though he and the man absolutely still, today if you something is not at its best. Its goal is to assess the level of health, not to laugh at the shape of your nipples, the unfortunate size of the implants or the extravagance of an intimate haircut.

“He will condemn me!”

Perhaps of all the questions that are usually asked by the doctors, two of the most awkward belongs to gynecologist. “When did you say you start the sexual life? And how long since the partner was?” — presenting, as it asks a man in a white robe, you’re already shaking with shame. Moreover, even if you start on common standards, on time and men have you had once or twice and miscalculated, I want somehow to tell a lie. Well, a female gynecologist you would have, may have confessed, and the man… Say “little” — think you’re a conservative Turgenev virgin, that she was locked up. Say “a lot” — rebuke thee, lewd whore, desecrated the sterility of his office!

Hey, don’t you think that problems from the “I thought he was going to think” too much in our heads? Well I agree, in amazement throwing up his eyebrows, accusingly shaking his head and lecturing inherent in most women doctors, especially the Soviet school. But man, if your answer will knock him dead, probably just not served.

“Once a man, that is rude!”

And now an exercise in imagination! Close your eyes and imagine a neat, clean-shaven gynecologist in ochochkah, maybe even PhD, who… armed with the most giant speculum from his Arsenal and, angrily spluttering and saying: “Walk able I can and to be patient!!!”

How was it? I don’t. And here’s why: if you believe the reviews, some male gynecologists are much more delicate and women is what’s important! — with great trepidation react to our “uh” and “ay”. Probably because they-the extender is not inserted, and they never think: “what I endured, and this have it!”

“How would he know…”

But even when the rest of your fears are already broken in the dust, sharpen the brain the last treacherous thought: “What can he know about the female body? He’s got everything else!”

Well, tricky question: the veterinarian has the wings and tail? No. But he miraculously raised your frostbitten parrots, which flew “to walk” in the cold. And cured the cat, rushing for parrots, 10-th floor, apparently to save…

So, men-gynecologists does not happen painful menstruation (Yes, that really there, them, channels, generally do not happen monthly!), and they never throw up due to morning sickness. But they know how to treat. Because your posting in the gynaecological chair, the sleek uncle was not worse than their colleagues-aunties! He studied in the school of chemistry and biology, “dry brains” in med school, interned, agreed, in the end, to be asexual at work… to you, so FIFA came and scared the plate on his door? At the door, behind which, maybe, is your salvation from these terrible monthly pain and unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant.

Text: Anna Kondrashova