Elena Petralcina: kidney transplantation in Russia, the annual need of 800 children

In Children’s city clinical hospital of St. Vladimir, the survival rate of patients with renal insufficiency, including newborns, is almost 90%. This was announced by the chief doctor GBUZ “Children’s city clinical hospital of Saint Vladimir” DZM Elena Petralcina 29 August during the press tour of the Center of gravitational surgery of blood and hemodialysis.

“Almost all children who underwent kidney transplantation in the Federal agencies and urban children’s hospitals lived up to his transplant thanks to the work of our center. If complications arise after transplantation, they also transferred here. Survival rate of almost 90%. These results are even better than in many world centers,” – said Elena Petralcina.

The center of gravitational surgery of blood and dialysis of the hospital of St. Vladimir – Russia’s largest in terms of rendering of medical aid to children suffering from renal insufficiency. In the centre get advice and medical help the most difficult patients from other regions of the Russian Federation. The hemodialysis Department was established on 1 October 1976, and in 1991 received the status of a Moscow Center for children’s dialysis. In 2017, the centre received services hemodialysis 1233 of the child, 23 children with chronic renal failure seen in the Department, made the operation of kidney transplantation.

As explained Elena Petralcina, the clinic provides a full range of medical care to the patients except for transplants themselves. “In the case of obtaining a license for the transplantation to our institution we will be able to carry out a full cycle of medical care, because we have everything you need to prepare for transplantation and to assist post-transplant,” – said the chief doctor.

Kidney transplantation in Russia, the annual need of 800 children, in a hemodialysis need a few thousand. According to the data cited in 2017, the Director of SMRC Transplantology and artificial organs them. Acad. V. I. Shumakov, chief freelance specialist in Transplantology of Ministry of health of Russia Sergei Gauthier, satisfaction with this type of transplantation in Russia significantly less than in Europe or the United States.

“For the past seven years, we have performed more than a thousand kidney transplantations annually, although the need is much greater. The waiting list even though we are not very big, but, nevertheless, we their transfers do not close it. The idea is that with an appropriate approach to helping Nephrology patients in the waiting list should be about 15 thousand people, that is about half of 31 thousand patients who are on hemodialysis”, – said Sergey Gaultier.

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