Novosibirsk neurosurgeon became a hero of social networks after the surgery, the resident of Volgograd

The head of the Center of angioneurology and neurosurgery SMRC them. Acad. E. N. Meshalkin Kirill Orlov on August 27 had surgery 41-year-old Svetlana Sidorova. The inhabitant of Volgograd learned the whole country after her 12-year-old son Ivan pasted on city classified ads “Help to cure my mother!”.

The woman had been in therapy after the rupture of a brain aneurysm. Last week, after deteriorating condition, she was hospitalized in Volgograd hospital № 25.

Kirill Orlov was on vacation when he called the leading program “Health” Elena Malysheva with a request for help. He flew to Volgograd to establish the flow redirects the stent to the patient. “This technology is concentrated in the Federal institutions where it is delivered to the stream. In the center is about a thousand neurovascular interventions per year”, – said Kirill Orlov. Half of this amount makes it.

Now as Svetlana Sidorova satisfactory, it is observed in the Volgograd doctors. “The patient could be helped we in turn, at the end of the year. In need of such help quite a lot, and the number of quotas is restricted, in addition, we work in the same x-rays-operating”, – said Kirill Orlov.

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