Why do we fear the unknown and learning to wait, not controlling?

We have forgotten how to wait. Indeed, our spaceships travel through the Universe, and the foolish hope that someone would wait more than two minutes even response from the mobile operator. And if waiting is still unknown, then it is out of the ordinary.

Александра Карасева

Alexander Karasev


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Alexander Karasev
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Почему мы боимся неизвестности и как научиться ждать, не контролируя?

In ancient times, Princess years languishing in the towers waiting for princes, and we can’t spend a couple of hours waiting for a text from a loved one, is no joke, but a frightening reality. With the progress in General to be trifled with. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, instant messengers and all this make life easier, at the same time complicating it.

We are waiting for immediate response even on sent wish “Good morning!”, and if you do not get a response, on the scene comes the beast called “the unknown”. The suspense is terrible that the result can be like a godsend, and something awful, and do not want to think.

The unknown and waiting is always an exit out of the comfort zone, the transition from a planned flow of life in an avalanche to stop we can not. Modern man is accustomed to control everything: we know in advance about traffic jams on the roads, waiting for a taxi less than five minutes, know the release date of the new series of the beloved show. If this scheme fails, then swarm the trenches and crawl over the line of fire.

In my head spinning options: not answered favorite — he sat down the phone… maybe she doesn’t want to answer? Something happened! No, he’s got someone else! When you can not do anything, and you just have to wait, even the most rational of us will be engaged in useless testing. The longer the wait, the darker paint. The unknown pressure on the ground, making it difficult to live, forcing again and again to thoughts of “why” and “why”.

The option to release and wait is not considered. After all, if the wait is prolonged, then clearly something is wrong. The test of uncertainty — perhaps this item should be included in the code of honour of security personnel. Marinate in a state of weightlessness and not go crazy is as worthy of respect and even admiration.

You can close your eyes and stop, to slow down the pace and slow down the flow of thoughts. Get yourself a deadline that would call her friend, irritated from ignorance. When it’s not about us, it does not seem so grim, and it is easier to advise than to do yourself. Define the term and forbid myself to think about this situation as something frightening: everything has a beginning and an end. Surely, everything will be resolved before then! And if not, then the painful waiting time would be delayed.

Feelings and thoughts that will ripen, like wine, will be more valuable and wiser. The unknown and the waiting — it might need, so we can just exhale?