Vitality help: 5 ways to survive difficult moments of life

When the looming uncertainty, you need to choose a new path and make a decision, it is difficult to cope with what is happening, if not to develop emotional stability. Here’s how to get through difficult times with minimal losses.

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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Стойкость помогает: 5 способов легче переживать тяжелые моменты жизни

1. Be cool

It is difficult to go with the flow and not resist him. Expectations, hopes, habits, force us to resist change. But in some cases they cannot be avoided: you suddenly fired, a loved one married another… And what to do? It is important to believe that the changes are irreversible, to practice acceptance. You can’t control the whole world — only yourself. The only way forward is to change your way of thinking and attitude, set new goals. Without concessions it is impossible.

2. Comfortable with the discomfort

In a time of change, many feel a lack of confidence. This is normal. Calm the inner voice that is scared, irritated or requests to retreat, do not create drama around it is unclear future. Take it for granted that our comfort zones will have to come out sometime.

3. Learn from mistakes and successes

Trial and error help us to make the right decisions. Try to think positively. Try a new approach and look where it will lead. Think about mistakes as that helps to become emotionally confident, not about what never to do. Let the unknown will be an opportunity for growth over the other.

4. Recede back to see the future

Expand your field of view, assessing the past and imagining the future. Consider the various options that may occur, assess them for yourself. If the selected path does not help to reach the goal, find another!

5. Take care of yourself

In difficult moments of life is very important! Eat right, try to sleep well and not to criticize yourself excessively.