11 things that prevent one from fulfilling his destiny

“Find” function is easier than to implement it. Every person faced with a particular attraction to any field or activity, but not all gave it meaning. And this is the first obstacle is ignorance of the fact that destiny exists.

Modern culture instills in man the desire to seek a special case, can be a source of joy and give life meaning. People are different. And even when their true love in this manifestation once again reminds himself, they did not react – not more than a mosquito bite.

What prevents to perform a purpose, when man found his path and strives to realize it?

1. The fear of her dreams. Contact with what really like, emotionally richer than any other activity “for the money”. In the event of failure or disappointment won’t be able to console themselves: “not really wanted”.

2. Wrong prioritization. Person knows that is its purpose, and what is not, but is constantly distracted – for example, for prestige, for money.

3. Ignorance itself, and the plashing of effort. A person can have many talents and interests. However, for performance purpose it is necessary to build all their Hobbies into a single chain and focus on the Essentials.

4. The lack of development and training. Knowing your strengths is half the battle. The second half is to develop them.

5. The belief that the talent replaces hard work. The examples are not far to seek: hard work complements the talent.

the man builds hard plans and insists on the end, as it sees it.

7. The lack of the necessary qualities of character: will, consistency, self-discipline, responsibility. Pride prevents a person to see what he is missing.

8. Ambitious expectations. Began for health, finished for the repose. One forgets how much pleasure gives him his business, and this enthusiasm causes the opportunity to be needed. The rest is not on his script, and the script his ego.

9. Immersion in the past. People like not looking at the screen, but on his screenshot, once done. He is not ready to accept the inevitable adjustments to meet the requirements of the present time in his field.

10. The lack of direction. In fulfilling this mission is a joy and inspiration. People in illusions and sees: if they’re not now, you never will be.

11. The lack of faith. It is difficult to place in his path, except it is possible and important. Hampered by a lack of understanding of equality and value your gift along with the contributions of other people.

So, friends, we have discussed the obstacles to fulfillment, from which I want to highlight the lack of knowledge about the purpose, the lack of development of his strengths, the lack of the character traits of a successful person and ambitious expectations.

Know what to add to the list? Please share in the comments! Your discoveries will be useful to other readers.