Rectors called on to analyze the numbers of applications for admission to the residency

Carefully analyze the numbers of applications for admission to the residency urged the rectors of medical and pharmaceutical universities, the Director of the Department of medical education and personnel policy in health care, Ministry of health of Russia Tatyana Semenova. It was about this September 6 meeting of the Council of rectors of medical and pharmaceutical higher educational institutions in which took part the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova.

“We are establishing enrollment for a year and a half before you go out into the public open competition, – said Tatiana Semenova. – Control figures of reception are formed according to a specific algorithm and take into account the shortage of specialists, availability of positions, the estimated need in developing the system. They are supported by and coordinated with national research centres, the main non-staff specialists who determined the state policy.”

As an example of emergent bias, she cited the situation in radiology: “We put in public competition with 120 seats. It’s not just a little, is the minimum. In total from across the country, from the Ministry of health, Ministry of education, FANO received 17 applications, of which the universities of the Ministry of health has submitted 15 applications. We have them all satisfied. But we will not release in the country for 120 radiologists in two years. We will release best 17, if someone was expelled”.

Tatiana Semenova reminded that there are not enough radiologists, psychiatrists, geriatric, emergency physicians, radiotherapists, neonatologists and other specialists. “I think each of you knows it. Before you apply, please analyze the figures of the competition that are offered for this procedure. Be very careful in this part,” she called.