Nightmares that come true, a psychic told them about the terrible prophetic dreams

The winner of the third season of “Battle of psychics” Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa told us what it meant to have scary dreams and some of them come true.

Снежана Грибацкая

Snezhana Hrebacka


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Snezhana Hrebacka
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Кошмары, которые сбываются: экстрасенс рассказал о страшных вещих снах

Sleep — the concept is complex and ambiguous. Interpretation of each dream is very individual. Therefore, to elaborate what a specific dream means, you need to know the person, know his story, then the interpretation will be more accurate. But for you now I will try to tell you about the most common negative dreams that have certain characteristics.

A dream where you’re being hunted and killed

This dream is a warning. So you need to be careful. He says that soon you will substitute those people from whom you do not expect. And in any case do not need to invest money in any business and to lend.

A dream in which you killed

Despite the overall negative nature of the dreams, it means exactly the opposite. Such dreams are typical of centenarians. This dream means the beginning of something new and surely successful. Definitely do not need to fear such dreams.

Drop crash

This dream is typical for children, but if he had an adult, it means that he doesn’t need to give up and have faith in yourself. This dream may be a dream on the eve of important speeches and some responsible action, which is necessary to make. Make bolder!

Stabbed, shot in the back

This is a bad dream. Most likely, someone from your loved ones is an enemy to you, plotting against you, something bad and is the source of many of your problems. Be careful.

Natural disasters

Can show amazing, but this dream needs no interpretation. Such dreams are usually prophetic. They will certainly come true. Maybe not you, but you are bound to be severe natural disasters. Watch.

Deceased loved ones

This dream speaks of the relationship that you have with them still survived, and that you are under the protection of these dead people. If they have something you want, you can partially fulfill their request. But it is important not to eat out of their hands the fruits, and if they pull over the hand and offer to go somewhere, to resist and not to go.

Scorpions and snakes

To dream of the animal world, which many fear (Scorpions, snakes, beetles), — the dream tells about your inner fears with which to contend. It means that victory is near. This is usually associated with health and some money matters.

To see Ghost, spirits or aliens

This immunosuppression. It is important to improve their health, and in General a good idea to go to the doctor for preventive examination.


This dream means purification, deliverance from problems. Definitely need to find a new source of energy, of inspiration.

If you dropped something heavy and you can’t get up

This dream means a lot of problems, most of which have to health. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle, to spend more time in the fresh air, to abandon fast food.

To dream of yourself and everything that happens to you

This is a prophetic dream. Will need to remember everything that happens to you, to the details, it may be useful. You need to think more about themselves and stop blindly trusting people.

Dreaming that you are drowning or burning

This is the bad dream. Be sure to have protection. To turn to a professional. But if not, you can put it yourself. You must do a good deed. But only to those who really need it.