All or nothing: the 10 main difficulties perfectionists

Perfectionism is a great quality, but sometimes it happens and a burden. To carry everything and always a hundred percent, though it is nice, but difficult. Here the problems faced by people who are considered perfectionists.

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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Все или ничего: 10 главных трудностей перфекционистов

1. You do not make conclusions until I see the result

You’re pleased with the achievement of a big goal at work, or the perfect fulfillment of the pie by a new recipe. But if the goal is reached or the cake looks tempting enough, you get upset.

2. A serious effort or a big step forward — not enough

If you didn’t get the result you wanted, you don’t think about what you’ve done steps A, B and C. do You think why it happened now and how to achieve next time.

3. Success — all or nothing

Going back to the pie: it needs to be! — or it does not have to be. And with any goal — not to come closer, and put in terms of Golf, make a home run, to stay within a specified number of strokes. And so each time.

4. If something is not completed yet, need to do twice

For example, you were going to go to the gym three times a week, but happened only twice. So next week need to visit him four times, covering his absence.

5. “Good enough” is not your motto

Anything that has your name must be done perfectly. You can spend weeks to choose the best wedding photographer or all night to pore over an essay of three paragraphs. When you see a whole picture of how it should be, you can’t do less.

6. You are annoying little things

The mail order towels were a little lighter than the photo. White t-shirt from the new collection — not of the shade that the white t-shirt from last year. Why things can’t be perfect in life as in your head?!

7. You procrastinates

Yes, recent studies confirm that many perfectionists are prone to this. The reason is simple: you’re not getting it, while not clearly understand how to do it the best way. It’s horrible, especially when it comes to large projects, and we have to make them at the last minute because something did not finish.

8. Sometimes you have time, not all

You can spend a whole day to do is one thing and not finish a few.

9. Sometimes you think you’re lazy, and the others laugh

But it turns out, while doing something excellently, and everything moves slower than we would like.

10. You remember the long error

Perhaps you still remember it wrong, playing “für Elise” in second grade musical school.