Want to be beautiful: where is the line between normality and pathology? Knows Michael Labkovsky

On the one hand, the desire to look good naturally for everyone. On the other — the infinite perfection of the face and body often turns into a pathological passion. How to distinguish normal from pathological? Let’s talk about it.

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Хочу быть красивой: где грань между нормой и патологией? Знает Михаил Лабковский

When a person wants to look beautiful, it’s absolutely fine. And this is true both against women and against men. By the way, the last time the men’s beauty industry growth rate is ahead of women’s: expanded line of men’s cosmetics, there are beauty salons for men only, I’m not talking about hairdressing and barbershop. Already perfectly normal, if a man goes for a waxing, manicure and pedicure, and no normal person will not see here any connection with the orientation. And it’s perfect! The desire to care for themselves, their face, hair and body is a healthy attitude.

There is no rejection of their appearance. There is a desire to improve what is. And it’s very, very important, fundamental point. When a person wants to look beautiful — this is normal. Abnormal — when his promise is: “I don’t want to look ugly”. The difference here is huge, and now we will examine it in more detail.

When people don’t like about yourself (apparently), it is not the beauty of his own aims, he adorns himself, he tries to make himself someone who will appeal to others. Feel the difference? Not himself apply the most advantageous way, and to mimic the socially approved standard of beauty. Usually it affects people (often, alas, women) with low self-esteem and complexes.

These women are easily recognizable by the characteristic behavior. They tend to evaluate the appearance of all others (this is ugly, the full, this unfashionable, unkempt one) and keep coming back to the topic of “How to fix”. They then sit on diets, torture themselves in gyms, running for cosmetologists, learn how to do superprofessionalnyh makeup and wear it every day, in critical cases, go to plastic surgeons to cut a new look. It is a heavy pathology, actually. This rejection of yourself at a deep level.

I repeat: just apply makeup because they like it — completely natural. Just as it is natural to choose clothes that goes and fits well, pick up accessories that match well and look interesting. Normally and care for the skin to make it healthy, normally go to the fitness club to keep my muscles in tone.

The question is, for whom a woman does it. If she’s that good — all right. If it emphasizes your dignity — that’s fine. As soon as the struggle begins for compliance with the standards as soon as the girl begins to want to “be like” someone else as soon as she has a thought that her nose is not the same shape, and the chest is the wrong size — it starts with pathology.

Back to plastic surgery. It might give the impression that I’m her radical opponent. Not at all. If there is an objective physical flaw, which frankly spoils the appearance, so that professional doctors have helped to get rid of it. For example, a huge mole on your nose or severely protruding ears, if it comes into sharp disharmony with the person or there is some sort of asymmetry that can be addressed, or crooked nose as a result of trauma or after breast feeding lost form, and I want to return all as was. All of this can and should be corrected, and it is wonderful that modern technology allows.

But it will be your nose, your ears, after surgery in the mirror you will still see yourself, not another person. Here the desire to have a strange nose, strange eyes, strange oval face, someone else’s chest is a sign that the problem is not in the chest or nose, and in my head.

This means that in the mind this girl is missing the realization that every person is beautiful and unique. She has the perfect image of “how beautiful”, and she’s ready to break yourself and your uniqueness to fit this fictional ideal. Such women sometimes become constant clients of plastic surgeons, because it redraws itself the new lover. It turns out that there is a man inside, no — one shell. Painted, polished — you can use it.

Separately with the age signs. A normal woman loves herself together with all the wrinkles. She will take care of themselves, but she won’t think that it’s worth it to lose a 25-year-old, as it will be uninteresting to others. Because she does not care about these others. She looks around at the other people’s opinions. She’s enjoying herself, because she’s such one. And believe me, she is surrounded by attention and no problems with the personal life it will not be because she is solid, confident, free man: an interesting, attractive and sexy. In contrast to that which causes a ton of makeup to the lips, inserts implants in the Breasts and ass, gets on heels, because she thinks her legs are too short initially.

You want me to give you a simple test that will help to distinguish between these two States?


Imagine that you got up in the morning, haven’t had a shower, especially not dressed and not painted. And suddenly — in the house no coffee, no sugar. You will be able over my pajamas to throw on clothes and just like that, without hair-styling, as it is, to go to the store?

If Yes — you’re right. If there is reason to think. And very serious.