“Aces in the hole”: 7 facts about women that will never believe men

Today, women and fly into space, and even win presidential elections. But still a no-no, will fly from a man’s mouth are terrible, Dating back to ancient times: “be Silent, woman! Your place is in the kitchen!” Because they where women are presidents and astronauts? Somewhere over the horizon. And you, the common accountant or Manager, even nothing to cover? No need to panic! There are at least 7 things that women (not some concrete, and all of our wonderful tribe) has surpassed that of men.

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«Тузы в рукаве»: 7 фактов о женщинах, в которые никогда не поверят мужчины

Dur among women less than fools among men

And in 8 times! To such conclusion the British scientists, analyzing the number of winners of the Darwin awards (sort of the “Oscar” for fools). The “prestigious” awards honored those who died or lost the ability to procreate the most stupid way. And what do you think, according to a report in The British Medical Journal, women winners for 20 years was only about 40, and men — nearly 300!

Women are stronger both physically and mentally

Know this meme?

And now let’s recall how behaves your favorite, picked up SARS. At first he refuses to take medication (“Men don’t heal!”), and then lies, unhappy, demanding to bring him dinner in bed.

What makes protoganda woman? Even on ninth month of pregnancy she cooks dinner, “handles” in the apartment and comes up with games for the older child. And why? In 2017, the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism published the results of interesting studies. It turns out that ladies by nature a much hardier men and even marathon races are tired less! Moreover, Maxim magazine, referring to scientists from the University of Western Ontario, said: the stress women also experience easier, thanks to the hormone oxytocin in our bodies it more, and it stabilizes the psyche!

Women’s intuition is real

And tell the husband when you feel that the day trip to mother-in-law well is not the same, but for shopping…

In General, intuition is a biological concept. According to the portal Medicforum, scientists from the University of Granada (Spain) once conducted an experiment: asked 600 people to solve 3 problems in algebra. Ladies trying to guess the answer, given more accurate results than the stronger sex, to trust intuition. Scientists have suggested that “the sixth sense” is formed in women in the womb! So there is nothing to call your feelings “Indian nonsense”.

A woman chooses a man, and not Vice versa

He thinks he spotted you in the crowd, bought a broom, plush monster and a couple of dates, you fell under the onslaught of such chivalry!

It is actually more complicated: in his book “Sexual selection and the problem of the origin of man” even Darwin wrote that the female chooses the most worthy among males. Or rather, the brightest, who have noticed other females, according to biologists Whether Alan Dugatkin and Jean-guy Godin, in his article “Change of partner selection by female guppies copy”. Is it true that fish guppies, that people have a brightness strife! And the tale of a Bahamian Villa and a real PhD women fly like moths to the light…

In bed women better than men

Yes, we beat even the most “long-playing” holders of manhood! The material on this topic Maxim magazine refers to the study of the American medical Association, which took the trouble to conduct appropriate surveys. And found that in lesbian couples, the orgasm of both partners happen 10% more often than in heterosexual couples and gays. So if someone calls you a log, don’t listen to the envious: in bed you are the goddess of nature!

Women are better at driving

Here is a blow below the belt! Who out there likes to compare you behind the wheel with a monkey with a grenade? Let him read the report of the traffic police, published on the portal “Avtosklad”, which reads as follows: the Russian lady driver involved in an accident 5.5 times less likely than men! The report, of course, for 2016, and further to the statistics of news sites are silent. And staff insurance companies generally have it the opposite opinion… But do your blessed will to go there? Safely bring an unpleasant fact and take driving lessons. Just do it in good faith.

Women better manage their money

Now we can bother to search through the entire Internet and find evidence that investment Fund Barclay and Research centre in Ledbury (England) has estimated that women are more prudent investors because…

But! Let’s remember how you (or your friend) is first to save on shopping and eating dishes from the category of “cheap and cheerful”. But in the end, accumulated vacation and second “tower” by investing in leisure and self-development! At that time, did your then fiancé? Stuck in dead-end job, saving up for a car, then to put up with the colleagues you know what… What really is the funds ‘ reports and so everything is clear.

In General, here are your 7 aces in the sleeve. If somebody makes a sexist statements — you will always have something to say.