Check-up health: who and where shown to undergo a full diagnosis of the organism

Beauty treatments and salon manicure we always try to find the time. But diagnosis is often delayed for later. What types of surveys cannot be ignored, women will consider in this article.

shutterstock_28106743.jpgDid you know that in Soviet times, the average life expectancy of the Kremlin dignitaries were the same as now in Switzerland — 82 years? The secret is simple: the first person in the country had access to ideal health-care system, the main advantage of which was carefully regulated of the clinical examination. So regular checking of the body a check-up. And the most prudent of us refer to this good cause with due seriousness. And the rest?

Personal experience: a Cautionary story

My friend Kate was obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. Not only have never smoked, but was not near those who have mouth cigarette (heard a lot about the dangers of passive Smoking). With her excellent figure in the fitness club, and not stop, but every day she spent one hour on the treadmill and in the pool. Katin diet — just a role model. A smoothie in the morning, lean Turkey, cereals, wholegrain bread at lunch, and vegetables for dinner. And only fresh products are organic. And every summer friend along with his entire close-knit family went to live in an oasis in spotless sea which always brought expensive vitamins and Supplements.

And suddenly it turned out that all these efforts are in vain. Katie found a disease, evil and unforgiving. And doctor light, the reception of which has made an energetic Katya said in unison: “Yes, where were you two years ago? Then it would be sufficient elemental tablets. Even if you did a survey a year ago, you could do it with a simple operation.” It turned out that the last time Kate was at the doctor’s ten years ago…

Age-related standards for diagnosis of the organism

Today the doctor catching the disease in its earliest manifestations, or even to foresee, will do everything that the disease does not shorten life even for a day. But to catch this moment, will have to make regular check-up. And in every age, the list of visits to doctors and a set of studies your. And even in a rather disorderly state has standards of examination prescribed by the Minzdrav of Russia. For most studies you will be sent therapist. And if the test results will show a deviation from the norm, he will direct you to the appropriate specialist. So, what check-up relies to you?

  • 20-29 years

Once a year: medical physician and gynecologist, smear on Cytology, urinalysis, clinical and biochemical blood tests.

Every three years: the analysis on hormones of a thyroid gland, a lung x-ray, echocardiography, blood cholesterol (25).

  • 30-39 years

You spend the same studies as before, when I was twenty, but added to them:

Once a year: electrocardiography.

Every two years: a blood test for C-reactive protein, ultrasound of abdominal organs (39).

Every three years: ultrasound of the great vessels, determination of intraocular pressure (39).

  • 40-49

You spend the same studies as before, when I was twenty, and thirty years, but added to them:

Once a year: a chest x-ray and sputum analysis, blood test for fetoprotein, gastroscopy, stool test for occult blood.

Every two years: mammogram.

  • After 50 years

You spend the same studies as before, when he was twenty-, thirty -, and forty, but added to them:

Every three years: examination by a neurologist.

Every five years: colonoscopy (55).

Where to get check-up?

  • Diagnosis of the organism in the district hospital

It is a free medical examination at the place of residence. It is only necessary to show the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and compulsory medical insurance policy. Even if you are completely healthy, test yourself on all the sores once in three years, namely 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63, 66, 69, 72, 75, 78, 81, 84, 87, 90, 93, 96, 99 years of age and older.

Patience and again patience. The medical examination is free of charge, but with all the costs of municipal health — formally, for a long time (take need a specialist maybe a month), painful seat in front of the offices under the perpetual accompaniment of “I only ask”. In short, the test is not for the faint of heart. And in line with the health can easily this is the to lose health.

  • Diagnosis of the organism in a private medical center

Here check-up can go quickly, conveniently, and with advantage for health. Still, the equipment in the private medical center more modern and powerful than that in the district hospital. Yes, and to be closer representatives of commercial medicine. In private clinics there is a special program of medical checkups for all ages. The cost varies depending on the number of doctors and research. And the most zealous malls lured by promises of a comprehensive survey of the whole body in one day who do not believe. Still, at least three days you need to beat the doctors and make basic tests.

Helpful hint. Even if the insurance is provided to you at the place of work, does not provide for a check-up at the clinic to which you are attached, but only access to a doctor in case of emergency need, you can cheat. Cardiologist — to complain of shortness of breath, a gastroenterologist — a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, the neurologist on headaches… And thus bypass the need for all professionals to pass tests, do an ultrasound, cardiogram, etc.

  •  Organism diagnostics abroad

The most popular check-up in Germany. Drive wealthy Russians in Israel and Switzerland. Diagnostics in the European clinic is simply instant. The patient settled in the hotel and early morning of the following day proceeds to the lab tests, and performing hardware research. After a few hours spent outside these classes, with the results he goes for advice to doctors of various profiles.

Foreign doctors tend to focus on the prevention and detection of cardiac and cancer problems. And do their patients a so-called antiac-examination. Clarify the biological age of organs and systems, looking which causes premature wear. Get recommendations on how to stay longer young.

Moscow clinic where you can undergo check-up


The program check-up developed by experts and leading specialists of the hospital based on the recommendations of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation and official professional societies.

For whom. Program check-up is for men, women and children. For each patient the program has a personal medical administrator.

Feature. Your health will engage highly qualified specialists: doctors of the highest category, professors, candidates and doctors of medical Sciences. During diagnostics uses advanced medical equipment, which guarantees the accuracy of the survey results and can detect diseases and pathologies at an early stage. The examination takes place in the shortest possible time: one to two days depending on the selected program.

After a survey. After the Troubleshooting is completed you will receive detailed information about your health with the conclusions and recommendations of the doctors, test results and laboratory tests. Be administered if necessary further treatment.

  • Clinical hospital on Yauza

Clinical hospital on the Yauza river is a full range of medical services in one building. It includes a health clinic where doctors work in more than 30 specialties, hospital and high-tech diagnostic and research complex. Ophthalmology is one of the priorities for a check-up.

For whom. Ophthalmological check-up of the clinical hospital na yauze — rapid survey for everyone to preserve sharp vision.

Feature. The survey is conducted within one hour. The program check-up includes consultation with an ophthalmologist, visual acuity testing, refraction and the refractive power of the cornea for glasses selection, contact lenses, determining the dynamics of the disease, measurement of intraocular pressure (except glaucoma), visual inspection to assess the condition of the eyeball, the orbit, lacrimal apparatus, biomicroscopy — evaluation of optical environments of eye tissue for early diagnosis of several diseases (cataract, glaucoma, conjunctivitis), fundus examination (assessment of the retina, retinal vessels, optic nerve head).

After a survey. The results of the examination, issued an expert opinion and recommendations of an ophthalmologist for further treatment. Medical care in the treatment of eye diseases and surveillance specialists can be found here, in the hospital.

  • Federal scientific-clinical center FMBA of Russia

Cancer check-up — comprehensive examination of the body .

For whom. For men and women who are aware of the reality of the threat of getting sick.

Feature. This survey is much broader analyses on the so-called tumor markers. Tests do not always give an absolute guarantee of early diagnosis of cancer and program check-up includes examination of appropriate indicators and gives confidence in the doctor’s conclusions so far as the present level of medicine. The center includes four Oncology check-up: cancer program for women and for men on weekdays and weekends.

After a survey. After passing diagnostics – consultation and all the necessary recommendations depending on the diagnosis result.

Price Cacapa

For example, the complex program “the Health of women up to 40 years”, which is offered by many private clinics will cost you between 13, 000 and above. In the pass programme — visits to six specialists (two times you will take the therapist before testing and after; once — gynecologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, surgeon and ENT) as well as electrocardiogram, fluorography, General blood and urine tests, biochemical analyses of urine and a PAP smear. If you need a wider range of specialists and more tests, it makes sense to purchase an extended program. The amount spent on medical examinations, will increase substantially if you include in the plan a visit to the dermatologist and the dentist.

Expert opinion

Евгения Цека.jpgEugene Tseka, head. consultative-diagnostic center Central clinical hospital № 6 of JSC Russian Railways, doctor of the highest category

Timely and correctly delivered medical diagnosis can protect against development of many dangerous diseases, including cancer. Identified in the initial stage of cancer is treated successfully. Don’t miss the first signs of the disease will help the observance of the principle of malignancies. See a doctor if experiencing:

  • irregular emptying of the bladder, intestines;
  • pain, discomfort, seals, a feeling of heaviness in the breast, change of skin, unusual nipple discharge;
  • hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, feeling of lump in throat;
  • nonhealing wounds and ulcers;
  • indigestion;
  • blood in urine and stool.

Always observe the measures of oncological safety.

Sunbathe properly. One of the main factors of cancer risk is the ultraviolet radiation, its effects on the skin from natural UV rays or ultraviolet radiation continues after three or four hours after tanning. And that the risk of melanoma, the first signs of which appeared moles on the body.

Do not overuse nail extensions and gel manicure. Ultraviolet lamps are employed for polymerization of the gel, prolonged exposure to cause the same changes in the skin, as solar radiation.

Do not remove moles and warts without consulting a oncologist. The doctor will evaluate the nature of education — it is benign or malignant.

Make it a rule to regularly visit the gynecologist, urologist, andrologist. Inspection specialists can detect ecorisk and take appropriate action.

Take the time and do chest x — rays, annual survey allows you to identify cancers of the chest.

Don’t miss the mammography — this study is important to do every six months in all women after 40 years. The method will allow to detect even zero stage breast cancer.