March Cetro about how to have fun

What do you do with the pleasures in your life? Catch them in the head or carefully dotiruet? March Cetro about how to benefit from the pleasures.

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Марта Кетро о способах получать удовольствие

No, this column is not about your collection of vibrators. First, let’s talk about the ladle.

Recently on Facebook I met a nostalgic recollection of a bowl of cereal with a lake of raspberry jam: Yes it was possible in two ways, stir until smooth pinkish mass or slightly uyeda from the monkey, from the jam.

Actually ways a lot more.

Choking, eat cereal, and then enjoy a clean raspberry flavor. However, sometimes for the best was no more space in my stomach.

First jam, and then sadly deacivate mess, smearing it on the plate. Breakfast in this case, it turned into the dullest thing in the world.

When I grew up and became independent, one of the great joys was the opportunity there is only jam. And dry sausage. And boiled condensed milk. And everything that I loved, but the child could not eat by the ton.

That I’m an adult, I learned that when restricted all beautiful on their own, and semolina loved the great unrequited love — she’s so fat.

In this example it is easy to understand how you feel about the pleasures and the place allocated to them in everyday life.

You can distribute them evenly in your life — it will be nice and pink, no sharp flashes of happiness, but without the monotony of everyday life. Surround yourself with comfort, not making any sudden movements in the direction of enjoy but not straining. This is useful not only promises a special holiday, instead they will have an easy life. For fans of stability, which did not want to change. Man, thirsting for strong emotions, maybe from this life to hang.

The second method is similar to the reception of the trainer: the dog is doing something difficult, giving her the “nanuchka”. Fun with tiny doses helps to move forward, but the results and victory will always be small. But it’s good for very tired people who have no time to rest, but to work as it is necessary. Depression is also useful to reward yourself a tiny slice of the chocolate for washing the dishes, a phone call, out of the house. The one who craves for a big lump sum, it will not work.

Shift work – stretch, pounce and not to depart until you finish. Well, then, “debauchery” is located in crimson lake with his head, take a huge vacation to Bang a bunch of money for a desired purchase. That’s just a powerful force exhaust so that will have a long sleep and come to life before you begin to feel joy. However, in this life, a dream is also part of the fun. Suitable for strong, in all senses of people, hardy and strong-willed. Although binge drinkers also live.

Good to relax, have fun, spend the advance and then set to work, when really squeeze — it is the student’s decision. During the sessions usually bring results, but with the age of inertia, more and more, very easy to get caught up in, not seeing ahead of special incentives. But while you are young, you can afford it.

And here is a teen (of any age) trying to have fun, escaping from the responsibilities. These are the people who are easier to move than to clean your house. They love to make promises, because immediately receive a thank-you in advance, and promised can not perform. They take loans, and then hiding from the banks and shift the debt onto the family. And it’s just damn lucky — rich heirs, charming women, frivolous macho, which may well exist at the expense of others. Great lifestyle, if you have the opportunity to support it. A little immoral, but inside I feel like a butterfly, which are open all flowers in the world.

Path adult — control, moderation, and besides, the correct choice of duties. Ideally, you would arrange your life so that even the most difficult or everyday work was enjoyable, and the subsequent celebration is not exhausted and is not ruined you. Well, didn’t do thick.

That’s the theory, but in practice, it is important to remember that no one is forcing you life is porridge the same way. Soberly assess their strength at each stage of life. Sometimes hibernate is more productive than to strain and overstrain. Sometimes you just take life a gift, without thinking of what you pay. Fun is a great tool that can work as a stimulus to feed and just to make you happy. Try to be skillful and not get hurt about it.