13 rules that will change your life for the better: says Michael Labkovsky

Trust me, if you follow these tips, your life will soon change for the better. The good news: in these rules there is nothing complicated!

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13 правил, которые изменят твою жизнь к лучшему: рассуждает Михаил Лабковский

Take off the pump and put it away in sexy clothes

Any uncomfortable clothes and shoes — a sign that the girl is trying to appear what is not. I have not met any woman, who would have thought that the studs (especially in winter) — it is convenient and practical. However, many tortured, but walking in these spooky designs on the ice. Believe me, the beauty of the legs won’t kill anatomically justified heel of 4-5 cm And sneakers will not be killed. And skirt length is not critical, as the depth of the neckline. On the contrary, the more the image is heard: “Look at me I’m beautiful take me,” the more likely that your relationship will not be what you wanted.

Don’t try to please

Dating, thinking about marriage, living with someone — never try to please him in a way that sickens you. That is, if all you ever ordered a pizza at a nearby café, and he loves fine dining, don’t get up to the plate and don’t buy cookbooks. He loves the kitchen? Let them fix you Nightingale tongues and béchamel sauce.

Forget about plastic surgery

The first symptom of neurosis and lack of love for yourself — the desire to correct his appearance. Make a reservation: it’s not about an obvious physical defect, which you are not satisfied with, say, a large mole on his nose or the curve of the nasal septum where you can’t breathe, is another matter. But neither the breast augmentation nor reduction of the thighs, no bulging cheekbones will make you happy. Are you just a freak that is unique and become the “standard”: thin nose, full lips… not for them, you love or not love.

If it’s bothering you, just break up with him

Don’t be afraid to be alone. No man in the whole world is not worth breaking yourself to cave in under him, to neglect its desires and needs. No.

Don’t think this is the last love of your life

Even if your relationship was not similar to any other, even if you remember only the brightest moments and yearn for everything good that happened. Don’t even think that you’ll never meet, whatever you were, whatever you looked and no matter how bad did not consider your character. It’s gonna be. Will be even better. If you learn…

Not dissolve in the man

No matter how you close, you should have your own life and your interests. Do not try to adjust their lives to his life, even if you think you it’s easy, and it is nice. If he loves you, he will be pleased that you’re versatile and interesting person who takes time for themselves and their Hobbies. Lap dog that faithfully waits for the host at the front door on poloveckie, the first time touches, but soon begins to be taken for granted.

Never negotiate through intermediaries

It does not matter, at work, in family or circle of friends — never seek to find relationships through a third party. Don’t like the behavior of the mother-in-law? Talk to her directly. Either in your house, she behaves like you have made, or she doesn’t need you to stay. Either she follows your principles of education of children or grandchildren is better for her not to go. But you do not use the husband! This is his mom, they have their relationship you were not the place. If your coworker is setting you up, talk to them directly. If your friend says hurtful things, tell her directly that you hate it. Conflict, find out one on one, always allowed more efficient and easier than with the involvement of negotiators.

Remember: you’re not the problem

I’m not tired of repeating it: guilt is the first sign of dislike to him. All these “if I had behaved differently”, “if I were thinner”, “if I listened to my mother” — all these are signs of insecurity and neurosis. You are what you are. For example, a selfish bitch, which is ill-prepared and with a huge career ambitions. Or closed quiet, which is wrong from the noisy companies, who does not like socializing and partying, prefers to cross-stitch and embroider read philosophical novels. It does not matter what you do. Tell yourself: “I am, and I was all happy. Who does not like — to hell with them”.

Stop judging yourself by the reaction of the men

Simply put, do not look at him in the mirror, don’t look for it assessment of your actions and appearance, not to rebuild their self-esteem, based on his ideas about beauty. Most women see themselves only through the prism of men: there — I have done and cool, no — I’m worthless. I did, and he was pleased; I did the right thing, he’s not happy, so I did a bad thing. It destroys a person and lead to neurotic relationships. You did what you wanted, and look as created you and nature, no matter what he thinks about it. I do not like? Look for one that looks different and acts differently. You’re like this. The same works in the opposite direction either to accept the man as a whole, or don’t take, but remember that your assessment of his actions have nothing to do with him.

It’s not how you look but what you feel

Men read a woman’s internal state. No matter how it was dressed, made up, whatever words may say, they always feel it is feigned or real. Insecure the woman they are “fantastic” instantly: all these grimaces and jumps, creepiness, trying to attract attention, enticing poses and gestures, the desire to please and to please, seek advice (and I look good in this dress? And what hairstyle can I do? I go with friends to a club or stay home?) — all this gives the person who does not know what to do with my life. It or pushes, or causes a desire to suppress and command.

Don’t do the “dismemberment”

This term I call the partial acceptance of oneself. “Super feet and eyes are ugly”, “smart, but with a terrible character”, “slim, but the chest is too small”. The human body, your body it is whole and indivisible. Accept yourself entirely, you’re not stewing on the Desk of the butcher who chooses the pieces papetarie. In fact, even the desire to dye your hair in some way speaks of insecurity. As an experiment, as entertainment, Yes, quite understandable. But systematically to dye your hair white, if by nature they are black — not a good sign.

Remember: he will not change

People change very rarely, mostly after some very serious experiences. All objections in the spirit “When we started Dating, he was just another” I can say anything he studiously pretended not yourself (that is was neurotic, from which we must escape), or you didn’t pay attention to his words and actions, justifying them anything but the truth: he is that kind of guy.

Talk about their feelings and desires

Openly say what you like, what didn’t, what you want to do and what not. First, telepaths don’t exist, and your man will not be able to guess how it is with you to go, how to behave and how to please you. Second, the sooner you will set things invalid, the faster you will understand the people around you. Loving and interested first time everyone will understand, and neurotic, which is important — his own comfort, not your feelings, don’t make your words any attention. And if that happens, leave, don’t waste your time. Because he (see above) will not change.