Stop berating yourself: 6 situations when you criticize yourself for no reason

Often people are too critical of yourself, and it can be difficult to understand. To check whether the abuse you hurl, read these ways to criticize yourself and evaluate whether to do so.

Вита Зорина

Vita Zorina


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Vita Zorina
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Перестань ругать себя: 6 ситуаций, когда ты критикуешь себя без повода

1. You are psychologically “beat” yourself up over mistakes with minimal consequences

Most of the mistakes that we make have minimal impact on life — or none at all. For example, tracked discounts on products and then buy them and many others at full price — and scold myself. Or, for example, want to eat healthy and fill our basket of chips. Allow yourself to make mistakes and put the maximum “price” — for example, 10 minutes or 300 rubles.

2. You criticize yourself after an error is corrected

You called a colleague the wrong name in the conversation, realized this and sent a letter of apology. But the whole day continue hard on yourself. And if you after the second letter admitted to myself that the incident is over, the criticism would not be needed. The role of guilt is that you are taking steps to remedy the situation and not repeat mistakes.

3. You put taking care of yourself the lowest priority

For example, you need a new sofa, because the current became uncomfortable. You want to allocate time and energy to find a new one, but the last six months, your to-do lists are very busy with other things! And so with all: when I have time, I’ll do this and this. And I never do. Bear in mind that taking care of yourself is very important, find time for these classes.

4. If you are being accused of something, you also consider it a bug

For example: a colleague didn’t prepare his part of the report because you brought it up. Someone did not understand — so you put it wrong. Realize the middle ground between lack and excess liability. If you’re too responsible and cut their share in half and see what happens. Convince yourself that it is better to take as long as necessary.

5. Do you think that life is a failure, even though everything turned out

People sometimes look at those areas where they showed themselves imperfectly, and forget where everything is good. Look at what your life looks like in the eyes of others. If you can see that you by and large all is well, I agree that much really happened.

6. You call other people stupid mistakes and clear, and their is no

We all at times are foolish. You forgot to close the blender and colored the wall.

If it did friend, you would laugh together, and you can’t forgive. Try to imagine your someone else and realize that this little thing is not worth your attention!