In Bashkiria 72 per cent of the medical centres are in poor condition

In the Republic 72% FELDSHERSKO obstetric units are in disrepair or in need of major repairs. Only in Bashkiria them – 2064. As noted by the acting Minister of health RB Rafael Yapparov, the problem of unsatisfactory condition is one of the key rural health care.According to Raphael approve, to improve the situation is replacing them with modular Centres is under construction. For a further solution is offered each year to build and equip a new requirement of at least 20 FAPs instead of emergency.

“This work is impossible without the administrations of cities and districts, as the preparation of land and landscaping require their active participation. 80 percent of the rural health posts are in rented premises and combined with the rural clubs, kindergartens, schools with zero rent”, – said acting Minister of health of Belarus Rafael Yapparov