Omega 3 for men: the beneficial properties of the supplements

Omega-3 fats contain the fatty acids EPA and DHA. These two fatty acids have earned a place of honor in the ranking of the nutrients required by the human body. Regularly taking them, you will be able to reduce the risk of heart disease, regulate blood pressure, boost virility. Omega-3 is useful for both women and men. The only question is that they act a little differently. Today we’ll show you why men should take daily supplements of omega-3 and what are the benefits of acid.

Omega 3 for men: use, what to take?

Despite the use of fatty acids for each person, doctors strongly advise to take their mandatory representatives of the stronger sex. Acids of this category are abundantly present in fish oil. Of course, you can eat every day fish, but in the portion of the product not so much fatty acids in 1 capsule.

Why men take omega-3:

Strengthens the cardiovascular system. Representatives of the stronger sex are much more likely to suffer from heart problems, so it is much easier to prevent them than to deal with the consequences.

Regulates blood pressure. Fatty acids are especially beneficial for those with high blood pressure, they help to reduce and to stabilize the condition.

Reducing the level of bad cholesterol. Cholesterol affects the cardiovascular system and all organism as a whole. Omega-3 help to even out the levels of good and bad cholesterol, preventing the formation of plaque in blood vessels.

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Prostate health. One of the main advantages of omega 3 for men — prevention of inflammatory processes of the prostate, including cancer.

Increase male libido. More and more men various ages notice a decrease in male power, which is influenced by many factors. Omega help to improve the functioning of the male system, to increase the desire.

Improves the quality of sperm. If you are planning to become a father, this will help you omega-3. They help to improve the quality of sperm, their activity and survival.

Omega-3 improves mood. Studies show that omega-3 positively affect overall health and improve mood.

Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract. If you suffer from constipation, be sure to drink fish oil. It has a positive effect on peristalsis and prevents constipation.

Reinforce the joints. Taking supplements of omega-3 each day, you can reduce or prevent inflammatory processes in the joints to eliminate pain. Taking fish oil, you will be able to stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Omega-3 make you smarter. Another huge advantage of fatty acids — they are able to improve the functioning of the brain. When taken regularly you will notice improved memory, you better remember the information.

Cancer prevention. Without the necessary amount of fatty acids the body starts to produce cancer cells. To fight dangerous free radicals need to regularly take omega-3.

Which contains omega-3?

If fatty fish are present in your diet 2-3 times a week, you may not need supplements. But you should note that fish contains large amounts of mercury, which tends to accumulate in the body. That is why it is much safer to take quality fish oil capsules.

The maximum amount of omega-3 is contained in wild salmon, herring, sardines, anchovies.

The benefits of omega 3 for men is positive effect on the entire body, beginning with the urinary system to good health. If you do not consume fatty fish regularly, be sure to take omega-3 Supplement.

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