Expert: profstandart “Specialist in medical rehabilitation” does not negate the usual specialties in this area

From 1 October 2018 comes into force the order of the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation No. 572н “About approval of professional standard “Specialist in medical rehabilitation””. According to the Director of the Department of medical education and personnel policy in health care, Ministry of health of Russia Tatyana Semenova, the new profstandart – system document, which changes the entire paradigm of forward and leaves the past in the fragmentation of specializations when professionals engaged in the field of rehabilitation, was responsible for narrow areas of work.

In the framework of the implementation of new forms of medical care, need specialists of wide profile, able to close all interdisciplinary segments. About it the representative of the Ministry of health said at the XVI Congress of Spa treatment, held in late September in Moscow.

In the published standard lists the General labor functions that will include responsibilities of new specialist medical rehabilitation. During the transitional period, employers will be required to try them on their employees and the organization, to help with training and retraining, if necessary.

According to Tatyana Semenova, today in terms of optimal use of resources including the most expensive resource – people, you should not train the expert in the institution and residency for 8 years in order to not give him to fully implement the professional capabilities, limiting its scope to one narrow function.

Based on the professional standard will be developed by the Federal educational standards of specialist training in the field of medical rehabilitation in residency. The program is currently being coordinated with the national Council for professional qualifications for compliance professional standard and should enter into force by 1 September 2019.

Under the updated program in the residency specialist will acquire all the knowledge in the field of physical therapy, reflexology of fizioterapii, etc. it is also Assumed that in addition to medical professions new graduate programs will have key knowledge and skills in such medical specialties as medical speech therapist, clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, etc.

“The key specialist in the field of medical rehabilitation should have a certain amount all of these of competence, because is the leader of multifunctional teams and directly reporting to, and functional, if someone need to bring to the consultation – said Tatiana Semenova Continue reading “Expert: profstandart “Specialist in medical rehabilitation” does not negate the usual specialties in this area”