How to overcome fear of failure?

A sense of fear, at least once, experienced absolutely everyone on the planet. This emotion is born with man. An agent provocateur may be imaginary or real danger. The body instinctively prepare for resistance. The fear reflex has a negative impact on the internal state, and can sit tight in my head, thoughts. Is it possible to overcome fear? Let’s face it.

1. As fear affects a person?

Under the influence of fear, thoughts a person has only a negative: “I have no chance, I always have no luck, I’m screwed”. He is afraid of responsibility, afraid to do something wrong, the possibility of failure. For this reason, people shy away from activities, which, in his opinion, necessarily can not cope. Arises the habit of delaying cases for an indefinite period, even vital. This can lead to irreversible problems, and even diseases of a psychological nature.

As a result of such conduct does not meet the needs, intentions are not fulfilled, objectives are not achieved. Stay in this state for a long time is accompanied by the fact that the person is formed the image of myself as a failed personality. Thus, he pushes himself in even greater fears and concerns.

2. The cause of fear

From childhood, a recurring fear of anything or anyone. As they grow older the person, the formation of fear is influenced by many factors. Basically, they consist of relations of relatives:

  • parental suppression of initiative and willingness to become children to become independent in childhood;

  • violent and frequent scolding for not significant misdemeanors;

  • claims to the estimated standards are too high to implement any requirements associated with school education;

  • the rejection of the adolescent by peers, bullying, criticism, discussion for the eyes and otherwise.

3. How to overcome fear of failure?

This will assist in the following:

  • to clear my mind and conclude that it provokes a sense of fear, and what are the real possibilities of their occurrence in this situation;

  • find the antipodes of your fears, that is, those qualities, skills, or resources that may fail to implement the most severe expectations;

  • everyone can make mistakes, accept their mistakes not as failure, but as the accumulation of experience;

  • write down your accomplishments and positive results. Analyze the magnitude and rate of progressive change in the development of ideas about yourself as a person capable of solving problems of various kinds and complexity;

  • don’t be afraid to try something new to achieve the purpose to confirm its worth. Use your skills, apply knowledge and update them;

  • start with the achievements of success in small tasks, building on small victories, plan and prepare the conditions for achieving significant results.

  • There is a misconception that the fears inherent in the people only cowardly and easily influenced by other personalities. No matter, a strong-willed person or not, the sense of alarm in a dangerous moment is present all the appropriate people, that’s just the reaction it manifests itself in different ways.

    The study of fear of failure allows you to identify the causes of the loss of ability to adapt to the surrounding world. Evaluation opinion of himself, review of installations, work on yourself will lead to lower feelings of anxiety and strengthen confidence in their capabilities.