Sea buckthorn oil ulcers: how to use?

People of all ages suffer from problems such as gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer. Treatment methods of these diseases are many, but not all are as effective as we would like. According to numerous reviews on the forums, one of the most budgetary and effective means buckthorn oil, it should be taken inside courses. It gently envelops the mucous membranes and reduces inflammation.

Sea buckthorn oil for stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers: use

Oil you can buy at the pharmacy or supermarket and cook at home. The product is used in folk medicine for several centuries, and today its popularity has not decreased. In order to make the oil resolve inflammation, it should be taken in particular dosages, as it is a concentrated product.

What are the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for stomach ulcers, 12 duodenal ulcer? First of all, it strengthens the overall immune system and normalizes metabolic processes, improves blood circulation. Thanks to the useful acids, Tocopherols and phospholipids oil improves digestion and eliminates constipation, flatulence.

The product reduces inflammation, gently envelops the mucous and reduce the pain, irritation. Oil kills harmful bacteria, prevents relapses, and reduces spasms. It accelerates the recovery of damaged tissues.

Another useful property of sea buckthorn oil — it has a choleretic effect on the body thereby improving the functioning of the stomach, 12 duodenal ulcer, intestinal.

Sea buckthorn oil ulcers: how to take?

The product is orally administered, the regimens — multiple, we will present them below. Before taking this course be sure to read the contraindications.

For the desired effect during the period of treatment must comply with the rules of medical diet. Sea buckthorn oil can be combined with other methods of treatment, as the popular and medical.

Method # 1: 1 teaspoon oil 3 times a day, before main meals. After some time (after reduction of pain) reduce the product to two teaspoons a day, in the morning and the evening. Course duration — 1 month.

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For prevention, take 1 teaspoon of oil for half an hour before Breakfast, every day.

Method # 2: in the aggravation of ulcer and strong pain. Mix 100 ml of sea buckthorn oil, the same amount of honey and aloe juice. Take cooked means one teaspoon, three times a day, 10-15 minutes before meals.

How many courses will be needed? To get rid of inflammation, it is recommended to take two or three courses. The break between courses is 1 month.

Sea buckthorn oil for ingestion.

You cannot treat children under 12 years of age. Also applies to the contraindications cholelithiasis, gallbladder disease, Allergy to sea buckthorn, diseases of the pancreas and liver. Pregnancy and breast-feeding should consult a doctor.

If you use oil inside you have a gag reflex, I advise you to purchase the product in capsule form, it is convenient to use.

Sea buckthorn oil ulcers: reviews

Most reviews of this method of treatment is positive. But there are those who do not. If you feel vomiting or stomach discomfort, deterioration of General health after taking the oil, discard this method of treatment.

Sea buckthorn oil for stomach ulcers, duodenal effective, and budget available to each agent. Regular intake of oil, adherence to medical diet you will notice an improvement within a week.

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