Peppa pig is injurious to health physicians. British Medical Journal concerned

Therapist from great Britain published in the British Medical Journal article on the cartoon “Peppa Pig”, having thoroughly reviewed the reasons why this children’s cartoon is injurious to health physicians and contributes to professional burnout

According to Catherine bell (Catherine Bell), the author of the article, the cartoon was completely unrealistic presents of the disease and the actions of the doctors, so parents who watch cartoons with the children, there are misconceptions about what exactly should be the work of a doctor. Hence in her opinion and there are high requirements to the therapists and family doctors.

It is believed that in recent years healthcare in the UK is in crisis in hospitals, not enough beds, General practitioners do not have time to take on all-comers patients. Bell believes that not the last role in the long queues to the doctors played a huge popularity of the cartoon “Peppa Pig”.

Famous cartoon, already translated into over 40 languages, watch the children from 180 countries. In this cartoon, according to bell, Continue reading “Peppa pig is injurious to health physicians. British Medical Journal concerned”