Won $1 million, but did not have time to spend: minion of fortune died of cancer

American Donald Savastano worked as a carpenter, living from payday to payday and only dreaming of untold wealth. To 51 year, no savings, the American resident of the city of Sydney do not have time. He had only debts. However, in January the fate finally smiled the man. Bought them for $10 lottery ticket brought a million-dollar prize.

Happy shopping Savastano made on the way home, nothing on hoping. What was the surprise Donalina when he saw that he had hit a huge jackpot. The win was confirmed by the representatives of the organizer of the lottery company Merry Millionaire.

Fearing to frighten luck, lucky decided to pick up the win as quickly as possible. For this he even had to opt out of receiving the entire amount as it is paid in fragments for several years. In the end, Savastano gave arms a little more than $600 000. However, for him, and it was enormous wealth.

After receiving the money, the carpenter immediately quit his job and began to distribute debts. The remaining funds he wanted to invest in the future, to see the world and how to relax. But it did not happen. In the same January 2018 winner was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer process has been neglected — forced to work, Donald Savastano not go to the doctor. Tumor fourth degree proved fatal for him. Would not help even expensive treatment. The patient is “burned” in just a couple of weeks.


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